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Welcome to the internet home of the Mopar Heritage Car Club. Relax, stay awhile...and see what we're all about.

Better yet...come to one of our meetings or events and experience the Mopar Heritage Car Club for yourself!

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Who We Are.

We are an independent club based in the Philadelphia area recognizing all brands and eras of Chrysler Corporation built vehicles!

We are focused on the people...and good times.

Enthusiasts of antique, classic, muscle, and modern Mopars...and their cars... are all welcomed.

One more don't have to own a Mopar to be a member...just an interest in Mopars and good times!


A professional emailed newsletter and monthly meetings are only the beginning. We also host two Mopar shows a year and much more.

We are growing fast...and would like you to play a part in our success.

We are a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation that wants to help you have more fun with your Mopar.

Great events, friendly folks and good times!

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